Print & Play, the Art of LEGO Letterpress

Artists Martijn van der Blom and Roy Scholten have been incorporating LEGO bricks into their printmaking since 2013. October 2023 sees the release of a special publication presenting the results of ten years of printing and playing with LEGO letterpress.

Letterpress is a printmaking technique in which ink on the raised surface of a composition is transferred onto paper. Traditionally, these compositions consist of lead type. In 2013, Martijn van der Blom starts using LEGO bricks as a material for printmaking.

In the book PRINT & PLAY, the Art of LEGO Letterpress, Martijn van der Blom and Roy Scholten each present more than fifty works, ranging from stylized dinosaurs and birds to abstract masks, landscapes and typography.

Edited by Eline Levering and designed by Jannie de Groot, this flatbook bound is sure to appeal to graphic designers, printmakers and fans of LEGO.

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Published by First edition of 250.118 pages, English and Dutch texts, full colour print, flatbook bound, 168×240 mm.
ISBN/EAN: 978-90-9037540-3

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